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Regular Domestic Cleaning

Our regular domestic cleaning services are carried out as little or as necessary as you need. Our Clean of Herts signature clean includes: cleaning kitchens and bathrooms, vacuuming carpets and hardwood floors, polishing cabinets, dusting and polishing furnishings, eliminating cobwebs, wiping window sills, cleaning fireplaces, washing floors, cleaning mirrors, removing rubbish, cleaning refrigerators, ovens and microwaves, cleaning surfaces, tidying and much more.

£12.50 per hour.

Commercial Cleaning

Our commercial cleaning services are happy to tackle office spaces and shops. Your team at Clean of Herts will provide services from vacuuming and mopping to cleaning surfaces, hard furnishings and mirrors. Our flexible team is able to provide regular weekly, bi-weekly or monthly cleans for your business and needs.

£12.50 per hour.

End of Tenancy Cleaning

We know how vital it is to leave the property in immaculate condition for your landlord and next tenants. Our end of tenancy cleaning services include and begin with a thorough cleanse from floors, walls, skirting, windows and surfaces. Then cleaning of all hard furnishings and soft furnishings for a pristine and presentable finish.

£15.00 per hour.

One Off Cleaning Services

Our one off cleaning service is suitable for customers who do not need cleaning on a regular basis. At an organised time and day convenient to you we can pop round to clean with services including worktop washing, ironing, vacuuming, skirting and furniture dusting and bathroom cleaning.

£15.00 per hour.

Spring Cleaning

Noticing the house is looking a little dusty? We understand the need for a thorough every-so-often clean. This means your home will undergo a thorough cleanse which includes everything from floors, walls, skirting, windows and surfaces. Then cleaning of all hard furnishings and soft furnishings for a fresh and clean finish.

£15.00 per hour.

After Party Cleaning

One of the worst types of cleaning job, especially for the person responsible for the party. You woke up and you didn’t realise the mess was so bad. Give Clean of Herts a call and we will battle the lake of glass bottles, leftover food and spilt red wine. Call us in from the sofa or the café down the road and we’ll get to work removing the evidence of last night and spruce up your home.

£12.50 per hour.

Garden Sprucing

We can remove the overflowing rubbish bags, shrubs and leaves as well as trim that over grown grass and hedges. We can even give your garden furniture a wipe down. No task is too difficult for the Clean of Herts family. Let us know your specifications and we will happily meet them.

Quoted on site.

Ironing Services

Ironing for many people is one of those chores for which finding a time to do is almost impossible. You can arrange this service alongside any of our other services or separately. Leave everything from shirts, trousers, skirts, table cloths and bed sheets in a pile. Please note that the service is carried out in clients’ homes b and we use your iron and ironing board.

Quoted on site.

Carpet Cleaning

Our London cleaning services will expertly clean your carpets and rugs. We use carpet cleaning equipment and family methods to ensure that your home carpets stay fresh, clean and germ free. During an initial view you will be given an evaluation of expected outcome.

Quote on site.

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